Digital staff search tool for auto trades

Dealers click to find quality trades candidates thanks to a new online employment service

AN online digital tool to help dealerships locate experienced automotive tradespeople has this week been launched by Australian placement agency Techs On The Move (TOTM).

The new service, called Candidate Pool, is an extension of TOTM’s existing business of finding and placing automotive trades people and places it in a digital format that makes the process easier and quicker for employers and employees.

Candidate Pool aims to quickly list employees available for dealerships and automotive trade businesses, while giving dealers a comprehensive list of available workers.

TOTM director Gavin Stocks said demand for trades was still very high and after changes last year to the immigration rules by the federal government, it had become more expensive to bring experienced workers into the country.

“We see that the Australian Bureau of Statistics only shows about 1000 tradespeople a year applying for temporary visas to work in Australia,” he toldGoAutoNews Premium.

“At the same time, the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce has said that projected shortage in the automotive industry is up to 18,000 positions.”

Mr Stocks said the launch of Candidate Pool also brought with it some additional services to make migration easier for its clients.

For example, it provides a short biography and video interview with a selection of vetted and prepared candidates.

“The Techs On The Move Candidate Pool is our proprietary digital solution to present all of our candidates to our clients, on demand: all ready to be contacted and hired directly,” he said.

“It can be searched by various criteria, from particular brand experience and training, to present location as well as other selectable characteristics.

“Tradespeople listed in the Candidate Pool database may be already in Australia or are keen to move here from abroad.

“Candidates can be shortlisted and contacted directly, with no need for any formal introduction through Techs On The Move. Desired candidates can be sent a contract directly, with personalised and competitively-priced migration services available as necessary.”

The service was trialled in Australia in October through to December last year with a selection of the larger dealership groups.

“We had very positive feedback. About 90 per cent of the dealers have signed up for this year after participating in the trial, with the feedback showing one of the main advantages was the ease and speed of locating potential employees,” Mr Stocks said.

“It is still early days, but we believe this digital model will be beneficial to both employers and employees.”

The dealerships pay an annual subscription while the tradesperson will pay a one-off fee for interviews and videos. The fee can be spread across the dealer group outlets allowing them to scale their investment and amortise the cost.

Mr Stocks said the digital model that was developed and built in Australia was now being assessed for other industries.

By Neil Dowling