There’s nothing like living and working abroad to challenge you and help reveal what you’re made of. Making the decision to commit to a plan, and then to see it through and step off a plane abroad for the first time, is a scary-awesome process that changes your life and helps reveal who you are like few other challenges you can undertake.

If you’ve been thinking about mechanic jobs abroad or HGV mechanic jobs abroad, you already know that it’s hard to know where to start. There’s so much to consider – visas, accommodation, finances, relocation – beyond just finding a job. It’s overwhelming, but after helping hundreds of mechanics (and their families) to successfully move overseas, we’d love to offer some answers and some help.

What’s Your Motivation?

There’s heaps of reasons you might be thinking about it, and it’s possible for more than one to apply at the same time:

It’s a lifelong dream!

We get told this about automotive jobs abroad a lot, and it’s different for everyone. It could be the adventure of it all, or maybe the chance to try new things and take risks. For the brave among us, few things are more rewarding than making it on the other side of the world.

Stuck in a rut?

All of us know what it’s like to get bored with the same old routine. Time moves fast and it’s easy to let it all pass you by. There aren’t many more exciting ways to break out and shake it up than to move abroad.

Lifestyle and thrills

You might have an awesome and fulfilling job, but if you’re craving a lifestyle your home country just can’t provide, it’s hard to be totally happy. Only one way to fix that – time to look at car mechanic jobs abroad or diesel mechanic jobs abroad!

A better future

Some of us are looking for a better future abroad, and that’s a personal thing. It might be safety, or financial security, or opportunities for growth; whatever it might be for you, there’s few better reasons to go international.

Harbour Bridge from plane

Where To?

You might have any number of places in mind when looking for motor mechanic jobs abroad, but here’s a few we find on most people’s shortlists:

Mechanic Jobs in Canada?

There’s so much to love about Canada. It’s got more flannel shirts and pickup trucks than anyone knows what to do with, and it’s also filled with rugged beauty and people who are prosperous, warm hearted and embracing of others. It screams adventure and mystery, but it’s safe and welcoming.

However, it’s also freezing most of the year and has a very long winter. You’d have to go there with a willingness for the cold! The mix of automotive manufacturers and businesses tends still to tip towards America rather than Europe, so those looking for vehicle technician jobs abroad or HGV technician jobs abroad must often adapt to very different jobs and styles of working in Canada.

Mechanic Jobs in New Zealand?

The Land of the Long White Cloud might be the best place to escape the rest of the world, with only about 5 million people in total. It’s home to untouched wilderness and is mostly forgotten on an international level, yet it’s home to a rich and diverse culture. There’s also tons to do, especially if you like winter sports and adrenaline.

It’s not without its limitations though. It’s pretty sleepy, and opportunities for advancement and growth can be difficult in such a small place. It’s surprisingly cold too, closer to Antarctica than you might think and gets more than its fair share of rain.

Mechanic Jobs in Australia?

‘The Lucky Country’ earned its nickname with good reason. Few other countries are as spoilt for natural riches of all sorts and have the ideal climate to enjoy them in that Aussies have, and it’s also safe and thriving to boot. Its culture and national attitude are world famous. It’s international enough to keep you busy, but out of the way enough to escape the world when needed.

It’s not the land of milk and honey though. It’s an expensive place to live, and depending on where you go, the heat can be challenging. The visa process can cost plenty, though for some it depends on whether you’re looking for a temporary visa of 4 years or less, or a permanent residency visa that allows you to stay indefinitely. We’ve actually written an extensive piece on Mechanic Jobs Australia so read more there!

Pick Australia!

For those seeking mechanic jobs abroad for UK citizens, Australia does tend to be the pick. Indeed, that’s the roots of our business; after assessing his options, former Yorkshireman and Techs On The Move founder Gavin Stocks came to Sydney 20+ years ago as a fresh-faced BMW technician. Like Gavin, most British techs are seeking the lifestyle and warmth that Australia makes possible, and end up finding along the way that the ‘land down under’ can quickly feel like a home away from home – the best of the UK without the rain and the cold!

We know Canada and New Zealand are awesome places worthy of consideration, and whilst we are absolutely biased, we think Australia offers the best opportunities for most motor mechanics who might be thinking about mechanic jobs worldwide. For those ready to work for it, there’s a balance of lifestyle, professional achievement, security and personal/family prosperity on offer that is hard to match around the world. We are proud Aussies, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

What Types of Mechanics are in Demand in Australia?

In brief, all types! Techs On The Move has helped hundreds of mechanics (and their families) with backgrounds working on passenger cars and commercial vehicles. We help people looking for diesel mechanic jobs overseas. We have clients in both manufacturer dealerships and the independent repairer sector. We also work with automotive electricians and panel beaters to find the right roles Down Under, and the right visa to suit their plans.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in your career, if you’re in automotive we want to hear from you. Finding you overseas mechanic jobs is our thing. If you’ve been in your trade for at least 3 years (which can include an apprenticeship), have a solid trade qualification (or lots of relevant experience), have a great attitude and are driven to be part of an industry-leading Aussie business, you already have what it takes. Rather watch it than read it – check out the below video:



What About Salaries for Mechanics in Australia?

This isn’t an easy question to answer, as there’s so many variables to consider. What is your background, and what qualifications do you have? Where in Australia would you like to be? What sort of business would you prefer to work with? It’s really important to understand what your Australian salary might be, but you’ve got to chat with us first about all of this before we can help guide your expectations. We can also help get your head around the cost of living in Australia, which is just as pivotal as knowing a potential salary – no good knowing one without the other!

That being said, here’s 3 really important points:

  1. Move to Australia for the lifestyle, not to get rich. We work hard to help automotive tradespeople earn as much as possible, but the reality is that Australia is an expensive place to live and it won’t be the complete end of your financial worries.
  2. Having said that, it’s certainly possible to carve out a nice little life for yourself (and your family) if you’re prepared to work hard and keep it all in check – probably just as you do now. Millions of Aussies are getting it right, so why shouldn’t you?
  3. One of the best things about Australia that few people talk about is superannuation, a system of guaranteed pension paid at a much higher rate than in most countries, and then earns fantastic interest. If you spend a few decades working in Australia you’ll retire much more comfortably than is normally possible in most other countries.

Keen to know more? Watch the explanation below:


What does Techs On The Move do to help?

It all starts with you thinking, how do I get a mechanic job overseas? Or, where can I find out more about HGV mechanic jobs overseas?

Most of the people we have helped to reach Australia have benefited from three things we do differently to any other business:

  1. We consult with interested mechanics (and perhaps their partners/families) directly to help them understand all the big factors of relocation. We do this with each person or family’s situation and background in mind, so our answers are specific and informed by over ten years of knowledge gained from helping others. We’ll help you build a plan for coming to Australia, and for that we charge absolutely nothing.
  2. Our Candidate Pool is a digital platform that links Australia’s most desirable automotive employers with international job seekers. Once you’re ready to commit to a future in Australia, this powerful tool is designed to deliver job options that allow our techs to arrive when they are ready and where they want to be.
  3. We’re Registered Migration Agents, meaning we are answerable to a code of conduct in Australia by a national governing body, so our advice and service is legit. We are also entirely dedicated to the automotive industry, and that’s where we can from ourselves, so we know how to relate your trade and experience to the Australian government to get the best outcomes possible.

Importantly, we are also perfectly placed to help arrange permanent residency visas for people before they arrive in Australia – it’s not just sponsored visas for us, and we can still use our Candidate Pool in the search for the right employment even if you don’t need sponsorship.

We’re a one-stop-shop for any automotive tradesperson interested in coming to Australia!

Need more info? No worries:


This all sounds pretty good. What do I do now?

Great, you’ve got two options:

  1. Register with us to get some basic info and hopefully arrange a time to talk with one of our friendly and helpful consultants. It’s a super-easy process, takes 2 minutes, and doesn’t require a CV if you don’t have one handy. Hop to it here:
  2. If you’re not quite ready to register, that’s OK! We know this is a huge decision, and it’s fine to take some time figuring out what you want to do. In the meantime, you can learn heaps more about moving to Australia by following us on Facebook, and checking out some videos here: