Tell us about your work experience

Are you curious about automotive jobs in Australia and relocating, but you’re unsure if your experience will allow it? Don’t know what sponsorship opportunities exist for vehicle technician jobs, or if you can find a HGV mechanic job in Australia? How about getting a panel beater job in Australia? Or a vehicle painter job in Australia, or even what auto electrical jobs might be available Down Under, or what sort of visa you could apply for?

Good news – we can answer these questions for you, with no cost or obligation. Techs On The Move is dedicated to finding experienced automotive tradespeople abroad and helping them reach Australia, preparing them for what an Aussie life might be like, and putting them in contact with the country’s best employers. We’re also Registered Migration Agents so we’re experts in making it all possible, and we’ve helped hundreds of technicians and their families live their Aussie dream.

It all starts with telling us a bit about yourself, which you can do by hitting the ‘arrange a chat’ button on this page. It’ll take you less than five minutes to give us some information on your background, and there’s no need to submit a CV if you don’t have one handy. From there, one of our consultants will respond quickly to let you know where you stand, and if you’ve got what it takes, we’ll invite you to make a time to chat when it suits you.

Some of you might now be thinking, ‘great, that’s when the fees start and the hard sell kicks in.’ We get it, recruiters don’t have the best name in most parts of the world, and there’s plenty of scammers out there. It’s important to note though that:

  • We’re not recruiters, as we don’t have our candidates apply for jobs being advertised in Australia. The skills shortage in this country and the timeframes needed for international migration mean that we can take our time and find the best role for you when you are ready. We let employers come to us, as they know our candidates are the best available from overseas.
  • You can’t know if this is for you without factoring in your own circumstances, needs and plans, and that means talking with us. There are no hidden fees for arranging a chat, we’re happy to invest the time to make sure you get the right answers to your questions in a way Google searches can’t offer. This has always been our process, and hundreds of technicians have reaped the benefits – check us out on Facebook.
  • We’re happy to connect on a range of video mediums, and we work at times that suit you, so even though Techs On The Move is based in Australia the time difference to wherever you are is a challenge we deal with every day.
  • That first conversation is only the beginning in working with us to understand all the details of a relocation to Australia specifically for your circumstances. We don’t simply check your experience and throw you in the deep end on a job search; instead, we help you build a plan for coming Down Under that works for you, explain as best we can what to expect and what challenges you’ll face, and we’ll be there to guide you through the whole job search and visa process. We’ll even stay in touch after you arrive if it gets that far!

So go on, hit the button and register with us and we’ll be in touch. There’s nothing to stop you, and we’d love to hear from you!