Live to work, or work to live?

Matching highly skilled automotive tradespeople with Australia’s most sought after employers.

It’s an old question, but it’s a good one – do you work just to get by, or are you working because it allows you the sort of lifestyle and future you want for yourself and maybe your family?

We firmly believe, from firsthand experience, that living in Australia allows skilled automotive tradespeople a better chance to get this balance right. Most people have been in touch with someone that has hyped up life in Australia, but it’s important to pick apart the benefits that might come to you if relocation Down Under is something you’re considering. Here’s a few major ones to contemplate if you’re thinking about a motor mechanic job in Australia, or a HGV mechanic job in Australia:

  • Though we’ve had more than our fair share of Prime Ministers in recent years, the Australian political, economic and social landscape are all very stable when compared to other areas of the world.
  • Australia’s economy was the least affected by the global financial crisis, and has not been in recession for decades. We also enjoy a national superannuation scheme, which works a bit like a pension on steroids and builds tremendous wealth for regular workers over the course of a career (even if yours is already underway).
  • It might seem obvious, but there’s no hiding the blessing Australians enjoy when it comes to our climate and the natural riches of this continent. No matter where you go, there’s no such thing as a proper winter by a northern hemisphere standard, whilst summers are long, bright and warm. Working hours are built to enjoy these conditions, and wonderful beaches, mountains and waterways are often available to be enjoyed. This makes an ideal mix for singles, young couples and families alike, just as you’ll find all Aussies embracing an outdoor life.

Sounds pretty good, right?! It is, but it’s important also to note the challenges you’ll face:

  • Friends and family. This is a big one, and it never goes away for some people we’ve helped make the move. Video calls make it easier than ever to stay in touch with loved ones back home, but it’s not the real thing and that enormous distance just can’t be beaten. And, for those with kids, there’s the added challenge of taking them overseas and away from grandparents, as well as the comparative lack of family support network available in Aus. It’s tough.
  • Australian culture is generally known as relaxed and fairly welcoming, but nonetheless everyone experiences some kinks and quirks to get around. It could be differences in the way things are done at work, or the way people express themselves, or the bigger task of making new friends – either way, there’s adjustments to be made and it will create some homesick feelings at some point. Many successfully relocated people say they didn’t really feel like they ‘belonged’ until about 6 months in, and that this period was the hardest part of the experience.
  • It would be nice to know how every little thing is going to play out if you’re going to move, but it’s just not possible ahead of time. Questions around housing, transport and understanding finances can be partially answered, but beyond this you’ll need to have some faith and ‘roll with the punches’. We try to talk through all facets of the move and explain things in as much detail as possible, but at some point the decision to relocate becomes a leap of faith that is both exciting and very scary!

The bottom line is that Techs On The Move has helped hundreds of technicians successfully relocate to Australia, and whilst some have not carried all the way through and stayed on, most have – we must be on to something!

If you’ve got questions about life in Australia, don’t hesitate to reach out to lead consultant Nat Richards at [email protected] or keep tabs on our socials and Youtube channel.