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Are you wondering about jobs in Australia for mechanics?

Maybe getting a motor mechanic job in Australia is something you’ve always wanted to do, or maybe the idea has only come up recently. Either way, Techs On The Move specialises in assisting experienced vehicle technicians to find mechanic jobs Down Under, but it all starts with understanding what it takes, what the possibilities are, and what you need to know before getting serious.

Before we get into lots of details, here’s an introduction to warm you up!


The Fast 5 Things You Need To Know About Vehicle Technician Jobs in Australia

Short on time? Watch our head consultant Nat Richards explain things in the video format below…

  1. There’s always mechanic jobs here in Australia for skilled and experienced technicians
    Australia is a car-loving nation without enough technicians to go around. Businesses very often struggle to find suitable local candidates for open positions, and the most progressive employers across the country are happy to look overseas to find staff that can make a difference. There’s always a good number of mechanics wanted in Australia.
  2. You don’t need to have tons of experience to make it to Australia
    We’re not just after master technicians or mechanics working at the top of their field for automotive jobs in Australia. As long as you have a strong original qualification, at least 3 years of experience in your trade (which can include an apprenticeship), and a desire to be the best mechanic you can be, there’s a very good chance an Australian job can be found to suit you.
  3. It’s probably not as complicated as it seems
    Don’t get us wrong, moving to the other side of the world is hard for anyone, and there will be challenges to overcome. At first though, the prospect of finding a mechanic job in Australia, arranging a visa, organising the move and everything else is daunting, but it doesn’t need to be! We’ve helped hundreds of technicians (and their families) through the process, and it all starts with friendly, fee and convenient video call consultation so you get the right info and answers to make decisions. No pressure, no stress.
  4. You don’t have to restart your career if you move
    Lots of mechanics worry that moving to Australia means having to restart at the bottom. This could be by having to work their way up in a new workplace, or maybe to start manufacturer training all over again. That’s not the way it is though, as Aussie employers are looking to give jobs to experienced technicians because they can put their skills and knowledge to good use! The Australian automotive industry is full of mechanics from all over the world, many working in senior positions, and a high number of them who have gone on to managerial roles.
  5. You are in control of the process from the start
    Techs On The Move are not traditional recruiters, and we don’t respond to local ads online for auto mechanic jobs in Australia or car mechanic jobs in Australia. These ads are placed in the hope that these businesses will attract a suitable local candidate – you can’t drop everything and jump on a plane, so that’s not going to work! Instead, we partner with our industry’s leading employers to find jobs for qualified mechanics here in Australia that suit them and their plans. There’s no hustle or pressure, and it’s fine to contact us even if you think any move Down Under might be years away. In fact, we encourage it!



What We Do

Our motto is that we match skilled technicians with Australia’s most desirable employers, but there’s a bit more to it than that!

Techs On The Move is really 2 businesses in one, and together our goal is to make the process for migrating mechanics as simple and stress-free as possible. One side of our business is all about preparation and job seeking, while the other side is our work as registered migration agents.


Preparation and Job Seeking

Because we are not recruiters looking to squeeze a mechanic into a job as quickly as we can, there’s no reason to rush the process of first deciding if Australia is right for you, and then getting the right job to make it happen. We look for the right job, rather than responding to mechanic job vacancies in Australia that aren’t meant for techs from overseas.

We appeal directly to experienced mechanics outside Australia who want to know more about coming here, and work with them until they have a functional plan on how that can be done. Through video consultation and easy-to understand-breakdowns of the important details of life in Australia, our candidates can take all the time they like to decide if the move is right for them. This could take months, and sometimes it takes years, and that’s totally OK!

During this process you’ll also form a relationship with a real Aussie in Australia that has already helped hundreds of technicians just like you to live their dream Down Under, and if you have a partner or family, we encourage them to join in the process of getting to know us. Your Techs On The Move consultant will always be available to ask questions, and that won’t change even if you make it to Australia, as we love to stay in touch and do everything we can to ensure things go well.

Only at the point that the mechanics we consult with feel confident to push forward in finding a job do we enter them into our Candidate Pool, a digital platform that introduces them to our automotive clients all over the country. This stage is the only time we will ever ask for any payment, a one-off AUD $350 fee. All the advice we give leading up to this is free and comes with no obligation at all; everyone we chat to can walk away at any stage, as we’d never expect anyone to pay for something they don’t understand, especially when international relocation is involved!

Want to know more about our preparation and Candidate Pool process? Click here:


Registered Migration Agents

As Registered Migration Agents, bound by a professional code of conduct in Australia, you can rest assured when you’re talking to us that our migration advice is accurate and up to date. We are always happy to talk about visas when we are going through preparation with interested mechanics, and your consultant will stay involved all the way through to a visa application if you proceed to that stage. We’re a one-stop-shop!

We are also very happy to assist with visas that do not require a job in Australia to first be secured. We have successfully assisted people from all over the world to achieve permanent residency visas such as the subclass 189 and 190, and we’re perfectly suited to help with the newer 491 provisional permanent residency visa. We can even assist with a working holiday visa or a skills assessment if needed!

Our migration services are especially valuable to motor mechanics (and other automotive tradespeople) as we focus on these trades more than anything else, and we come from the industry ourselves. We understand the work that you do, and we know how to represent it to the Department of Home Affairs for the best result possible.

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Who Do We Help?

Let’s make this simple. Desirable mechanic employers in Australia are always on the look out for technicians that:

  • Have a solid qualification in their trade (or sufficient experience to demonstrate their competency)
  • Have at least 3 years of time spent on the job, which can include an apprenticeship
  • Are highly motivated to build a new life in Australia
  • Are driven to improve their skills, expand their automotive careers and lead by example
  • Have clear communication skills in English
  • Are already or are working toward being financially prepared for relocation
  • Ideally have continued professional development beyond their apprenticeship, either through manufacturer training or independent formal courses



Where in Australia Can I Get A Job?

There’s no part of Australia that we refuse to help with, but inevitably some areas provide more opportunities than others. It’s important to remember that Australia is a big place and it’ll take a bit of time to get to know our geography.


Countries That Fit Inside Australia

Countries That Fit Inside Australia


The 3 big cities of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane account for almost 50% of our national population, meaning there’s a concentration of businesses in search of mechanics in these cities alone that can’t be ignored. Each offers something different, and we’re happy to talk about each in detail.

Our clients spread beyond these cities though, so there’s often options in more regional parts of Australia. Places like Newcastle, Cairns, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth might all be options, and one of the key functions of our Candidate Pool is to deliver some choice in the job seeking process.


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What Are The Salaries for Mechanics in Australia?

Ah, the most frequently asked question in Techs On The Move history!

We totally understand why mechanics ask it before we have chatted to them – how can you consider moving to Australia without knowing if it’s financially possible?

It’s not an easy one for us to answer without speaking directly to people though. The answer, just like it would be if we asked the same thing about your country, is complicated by a few pivotal factors:

  • What sort of experience do you have – how long in the trade, working for whom, and what sort of training have you completed?
  • Where in Australia do you want to go? Wages are often different from one spot to another
  • What sort of business do you want to work for down here?

Here’s the big one though – what’s the cost of living in the Australian location you’d like to move to? Without knowing that a salary is only half of the story, but don’t worry, we can help with that too!


Here’s the Top 3 Things you should know about what mechanics earn in Australia:

  1. No one should be moving to Australia with the belief that they’ll get rich. We believe mechanical technician jobs in Australia should be better paid and we work hard to help where we can, but more than anything else, it’s an expensive first world country. Thankfully it’s an awesome place to live though, so do it for the lifestyle instead of the dough.
  2. Having said that, you will be able to live comfortably if you keep your spending sensible. If you’re from the UK or a European country, you’ll likely find it’s business as usual. If you’re from South Africa, it’s going to seem outrageously expensive, but when you start earning dollars it’ll all make sense.
  3. You’ve got to remember that there’s more to earning that a salary. Most technicians will likely earn overtime (paid at strong rates), and some will earn bonus. All will earn superannuation, the system that ranks Australia’s pension system among the world’s top 3 (



Keen to know more detail?
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The Top 5 Highlights About Life in Australia

Why not focus on the good stuff a bit?

  1. The climate! Lots of sun and plenty of warmth means tons of outdoor time for everyone
  2. Our relaxed Aussie culture. We’re known for it, and it’s a thing – come Down Under and chill
  3. Natural riches. We are absolutely spoilt for beaches, national parks, water ways, mountains, and even a couple of handy snow fields (and New Zealand is right there…)
  4. Safety and security. Few other countries on Earth can rival Australia’s record of prosperity, public safety, and quality of life
  5. Diversity. We’re on an isolated continent, but we’re an increasingly multicultural and diverse nation, and we’re all the better for it


Couple On A Sandy Beach In Australia

Couple On A Beautiful Sandy Beach In Australia

The 3 Biggest Challenges About Life in Australia

Awesome as it is, it’s not the land of milk and honey – moving to Australia as a mechanic is hard work. Here’s the biggest challenges migrating mechanics (and their families) face:

  1. Leaving friends and family back home. There’s no way around it, this is hard for everyone. Modern technology helps, but it will only help so much. It’s a whole lot more difficult if there’s kids in the equation too
  2. Dealing with the home sickness. Even if you love Aussies and can’t wait to be here, almost everyone experiences some home sickness, even just for the little things you might take for granted now
  3. Building up the basics in your new home. The decision to move here probably means leaving a functioning home behind, so whilst finding accommodation in Australia is not normally too hard, you will likely need to gather up the little things over time to make yourself a home Down Under


Why Take Our Word For it?

Every now and again we get the chance to ask some of the mechanics we’ve helped get to Australia what the process has been like for them – the good and the bad.


Here’s some insights from Daniel in Sydney:



How about the experiences of a technician’s partner? Check out Kara’s story:



Do I need to bring tools with me?

Yes, pretty much all employers will expect mechanics to bring their own set of basic hand tools to the job at the minimum when they are arriving for mechanic relocation jobs in Australia. Depending on the workshop you might be stepping into, it may not be worth spending the money to bring a tool box or roll cab, and it’s rarely worth bringing unique tools you rarely use at home. Because of the expense associated with shipping, our advice is always to bring as little as you can, especially if things can be replaced cheaply on this end.

Wondering how you bring your stuff? Some mechanics have been cheeky with their checked luggage, but otherwise a courier service like this one has been pretty reliable:


What visa do I need?

Like the question about salary, this is a really important question to ask but it’s very hard to answer without knowing more about you. Australia’s visa system is pretty complicated, but a quick discussion with us can clear up the basics and allow us to give personal advice you can understand.

If you’d like to know more now though, these are worth a look:

482 TSS visa


417 working holiday visa


GSM 189 and 190 visas


Can my partner / family join me?

In most cases, yes. The majority of Australian visas that mechanics apply for make this possible, assuming your relationship with your partner meets basic eligibility criteria if you are not married. Again, speaking with us will be really important to understand this in more detail, but the short answer is that neither employers or the Australian government put up significant barriers to mechanics coming to Australia with their loved ones.


How do we get accommodation?

For any mechanic moving to Australia that’s a very understandable question – what do I do when I step off the plane?!

Most mechanic employers in Australia we work with will consider assisting with an initial period of supplied accommodation. However, even if this is not the case we’ll guide you to make sure you don’t end up on the streets! Applying for rental properties or shared accommodation is normally an easy process with good options available, and we can show some examples early on.


Do I need to do motor mechanic skills assessment for Australia?

This depends very much on where in the world you are from, what visa you want and where in Australia you wish to go.

If you are from the UK, Sri Lanka or Europe, the only time you may need to complete skills assessment is when looking to apply for certain permanent residency visas, or if you are moving to New South Wales where state trade licensing rules require it.

If you are from South Africa or most other countries not mentioned, unfortunately you will require skills assessment prior to any visa with work rights being granted. If moving to New South Wales you can use the same skills assessment for local trade licensing.


How much does all of this cost?

Again, almost an impossible question to answer before knowing a lot more about you. Your visa choice, family situation and other factors can lead to wildly different answers. However, we’ve found from experience that the answer is often less than expected.


Why does Techs On The Move charge mechanics to enter the Candidate Pool?

We have never, and will never charge our candidates a ‘placement fee’ or anything of the sort. The AUD $350 fee we charge only at the point that someone wishes to enter our Candidate Pool to find an Australian job isn’t a big source of profit for us either. Instead, we’ve found that this fee tends to help us focus our time (often at horrible hours in Australia on Skype so mechanics overseas are wide awake) on people who are taking our process seriously, and can be counted on to respond to us when we need to get in touch. Employers on this end also love to hear that our candidates have invested a small fee into finding a mechanic job in Australia.


How do I know you aren’t scamming me?

It’s a distrusting world we live in, especially when we are in contact online. We get that. To gain some faith in Techs On The Move as a legit business, we encourage you to check through our website, review our years and years of social media posting, and perhaps most importantly, check our Migration Agents Registration Numbers:

Migration Agent Reg Number 1680033Migration Agent Reg Number 1466786

You’re also welcome to arrange a video call with us through our registration process and challenge us face to face!


What is superannuation?

Superannuation is the Australian government’s mandatory national pension system. To put it briefly, if you work in Australia under any circumstances, your employer will pay an additional 9.5% of your salary on top of what you earn into a dedicated high-interest fund of your choice towards your retirement. If you work here for decades, you’ll be worth hundreds of thousands of Australian dollars at the very least. It’s one of the best things about the country and we rarely talk about it.


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