Thinking about motor mechanic jobs in Australia, but unsure where to start? This is the place! Techs On The Move leads the way in finding automotive jobs in Australia for qualified motor mechanics from all over the world, especially the United Kingdom. We come from automotive, we only focus on automotive, and we’ve helped hundreds of people chase their dreams Down Under. We know it’s a huge challenge though, and getting the information you need to understand your options is not easy, so we hope this page provides a good introduction to build on as you get the ball rolling.

The question we get asked the most is, “are there any motor mechanic jobs in Australia for me?” If you have a qualification as a service technician, a diesel mechanic, a panel beater or a vehicle sprayer, and some experience in your trade where you have honed your skills, the answer is probably yes! Industry reports in Australia tell us that the country’s automotive industry is thousands of tradesmen short, so employers in just about every area are always looking for good people that can help. Many are also prepared to sponsor foreign workers too, and Techs On The Move has built a rich client base of potential employers to put you in touch with. We don’t just want you to get any job, we want you to get the best job available.

We pride ourselves on matching highly skilled automotive tradespeople with Australia’s most sought after employers:

We Recruit Automotive Mechanics Only

While most recruitment agencies, and migration agents for that matter, focus on a broad range of different occupations and industries, we only care about automotive. Techs On The Move’s staff come from the automotive industry, and indeed our Director Gavin Stocks himself migrated to Australia from the UK in his early twenties as a BMW technician. We know what you do and we value it highly.

Techs On The Move has also spent years developing a strong network of employers, both franchise dealers and independent businesses, across Australia that are eager to work with us in sourcing high quality tradespeople. They are supportive businesses that understand migration, and respect the courage it takes to relocate to Australia. There’s more than a few expats among them too, some of whom we’ve even helped arrive here in the first place!

Consulting with us

Consultation is a key point of what Techs On The Move does, and why we’re different to the rest. We want to give you the chance to ask questions (and get quality answers), to explain

what you’re looking for in coming to Australia, and to focus on all the little details that are so hard to figure out online. The best way to do this is consulting with us on video calls, talking directly with one of our experts. If you’ve got any interest in coming to Australia, there’s no reason not to get in touch – there’s no upfront costs, no obligations, and no cons. We’ll never get anywhere unless we talk, so let’s do it! Here’s Nat Richards, he likes to chat

Multiple Employers Looking for Qualified Motor Mechanics

If you jump on a jobs board and have a look for mechanic jobs in Australia, you’ll find plenty of employers looking for people. You might even be able to apply to them directly, but there’s a few challenges here to get past:

  • Few Australian dealers or independent repairers have office staff that understand migration, so how do you know they are able to advise on the right visa for you (and perhaps your family)?
  • How can you be sure they are the best employer for your skills, career ambitions and financial interests?
  • How are you going to find a migration agent to handle your visa application, and are they experienced with automotive sponsorship?

At Techs On The Move, we don’t have a particular employer in mind when you begin chatting with us about what you’re looking to achieve in Australia. Instead, we want to take the time to understand everything about you and build a plan for the best outcome in securing employment (and perhaps sponsorship if needed) in Australia. Then, when the time is right, we’ll introduce you to the most suitable businesses Down Under so that you get the best job, not just any job.

Anything less than that is a compromise, and that’s not what migrating to Australia should be about.

Income for motor mechanics in Australia

  • What sort of experience and qualifications do you have?
  • In what city of part of the country would you like to live?
  • Which business are you most likely to end up with?

It’s only through consultation that we can give you a really good idea of where you’ll stand on this in Australia, and that will make it way easier to also discuss other tricky topics like the cost of living in different places, how Australian currency compares to yours, and weird (but great) things like superannuation.

If you’re looking for a baseline to work off before your particulars are factored in, this should start you on the right track:

We are also Registered Migration Agents

Techs On The Move also has Registered Migration Agents on staff to handle all your migration needs, whether it be general questions or lodging visas. This means we’re across all the latest migration legislation, and we are professional agents operating under the Australian Code of Conduct. Better yet, we do automotive – it’s our bread and butter, and we’re really good at it! Where other agents bounce from one application to the next across different visas and occupations, we specialise in what matters to automotive applicants.

Hundreds of happy Techs On The Move tradesmen already here

Since our founding in 2010, we’ve established ourselves as one of the most trusted and authoritative businesses assisting automotive tradespeople to relocate to Australia. We take a huge amount of pleasure in this, as we truly believe this is a land of opportunity and we’re thrilled to help whomever we can. We love building relationships with technicians, and we stay in touch too – we care how our people get on once they’ve landed, and we jump at opportunities to help them out along the way. Get it straight from the horse’s mouth:

Still unsure about whether Australia is for you?

That’s OK, there’s a lot to consider!

Once they understand the options open to them, the main piece of advice we end up giving to people who are unsure if this is right for them is this – for most, Australia is a place where a better balance of work and life can be achieved, where we are spoilt by natural resources and brilliant weather almost year-round, and where everyone has the chance to live safely and healthily. Few tradespeople find that they are significantly better-off in a financial sense after they have made the move from a similar place like the UK, but this should be a move for lifestyle reasons. You’ll still earn well and likely no less than you currently do, but the difference will largely be in how you can enjoy yourself outside of work hours:

Those thinking about family life in Australia should also check this out:

And if you’re interested but have no idea where in Australia to research, this might help as a starting point:


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