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Are you curious to know more about HGV mechanic jobs in Australia?

Australia has long been known as a target for skilled truck and bus technicians looking for a better lifestyle. Techs On The Move is a Sydney-based business dedicated to helping people find the right HGV mechanic jobs in Australia, but we’re not simply recruiters.

We work with skilled tradespeople and their families so they can understand what to expect if they choose to relocate, so our candidates have a firm plan to pull it all off before ever interviewing for a job – and we offer that support for free. Techs On The Move are also registered migration agents in Australia, and we’re automotive specialists, so we’re an authority on anything visa and migration focused.

This page is full of helpful info, but to ease into it here’s a short introduction!


The Big 5 most important things to know about HGV jobs in Australia

If you’d rather watch us run through the list than read it, hop to the end for a short video!

  1. Skilled truck and bus mechanics are always wanted in Australia
    Aussies are used to seeing a common sign on the back of trucks when out on the freeway that reads “Without trucks Australia stops”. We’d go a bit further and say that without HGV mechanics Australia stops, and we need more! HGV mechanic employers all over Australia struggle to find sufficient staff for their workshops locally, and the most progressive of them are eager to look abroad for good technicians.
  2. Experience matters, but you don’t need lots of it to live the Aussie dream
    Australian HGV businesses are looking for people with great core skills, the right attitude and a desire to make a difference. You don’t need to be a master technician to relocate to Australia. If you’ve got at least 3 years in your trade, which can include an apprenticeship, then we’d love to talk about your prospects.
  3. You might be surprised at how simple the details actually are
    It’s easy to get overwhelmed when people start looking into HGV jobs in Australia. There’s so much info out there, and lots of it is confusing or even just plain wrong, but Techs On The Move can clear all of that up. With hundreds of technicians (and their families) successfully relocated with our help, there’s few questions we haven’t answered before. We’re also from the automotive industry ourselves, and we’re registered migration agents, so we know how to get to the point and lay out the basics.
  4. Moving to Australia doesn’t mean starting your career all over again
    You might be concerned that a new start in Australia means working your way off the bottom again? Think again! Australian employers are looking overseas for mechanics with skill and experience because they can’t find enough here, so if anything you will be rewarded for your career advancement abroad and likely given the chance to keep climbing once you’re Down Under.
  5. We put control over the process in your hands from the beginning
    When you deal with us, you’ll never be given the hard-sell or pushed to do anything you’re not ready for. We know from tonnes of experience that understanding what moving to Australia means takes time, and even when our candidates decide to proceed, they often have a timeframe for arrival that they want to work toward. We’re fine with that! This is exactly why we love to talk directly with people to understand their situation and help them figure it out, without any upfront fees or commitments.


Check out head consultant Nat Richards chatting through the Big 5 here:



What We Do

Our mission is to help people get the HGV technician jobs in Australia that make it possible to chase their dreams in Australia, but there’s a fair bit to it!

Techs On The Move works a bit like 2 businesses together, each of them helping the other to make sure the process of relocating for a HGV job in Australia is as efficient and painless as possible. On one hand we work as consultants for preparation and job seeking, and on the other we are registered migration agents.

Preparation and job seeking

Most technicians have probably been contacted by HGV mechanic recruitment agencies before, and seldom is that a nice experience. Because these recruiters are responding to vacancies their clients are desperate to fill immediately, their tactics can be aggressive and pushy, and because there’s not normally any relocation involved, the stakes are pretty low.

Even if we wanted to (and we don’t!), we could never work like that. Moving to Australia is a huge decision and there’s lots to understand, and we want to take the time to help skilled HGV technicians and their families move through that process as easily as possible and at their own pace.

Rather than starting with truck mechanic jobs in Australia or bus mechanic jobs in Australia that we’ll try to push candidates into, we look first for people who have the experience required and who want to figure out a plan on how to pull it off. Your Techs On The Move consultant will always be on hand to ask questions and help you to figure it all out, and we encourage the involvement of partners and families. This process could take weeks, months, or even years – that’s fine, we have all the patience in the world! We also stay in touch with those that make it Down Under, as it’s important to us that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Once the homework has been done and the decision is made to find the job that makes it all happen, it’s time for us to create a profile for you in our Candidate Pool. This digital platform works a bit like a dating website for technicians, were they are presented on-demand to our subscribing clients in businesses all over the country. It’s only at this stage that we charge anything for our services – a flat AUD $350 fee. All the advice and assistance beforehand comes free of charge, and if you’re not ready to take that step after the research has been done there are no hard feelings at all. If you do move ahead though, we’ll stay ready and engaged with the process of interviews, job offers and making the commitment.


Need to no more about this process?
Check out the Candidate Pool here: https://www.techsonthemove.co.uk/job-seekers/how-we-work/


Registered Migration Agents

When you’re applying for an Australian visa, or even discussing a move Down Under, it’s important to ensure you’re getting advice from professionals you can trust. Registered migration agents like us are bound by a professional code of conduct we must adhere to, and we make sure we stay on top of legislative changes that could impact your migration by working with national industry bodies.

You can be confident then that when you’re talking visas with us you’re getting accurate advice from a trustworthy source. From start to finish, our processes are designed to make things as easy and painless as possible.

It’s not just those that require sponsorship that can benefit from our migrations services though. Across hundreds of HGV technician visas in Australia for mechanics and their families, we have a huge amount of experience in applications for subclass 189 and 190 permanent residency visas, and we’re right up to speed with more recently announced visas like the 491 regional visa as well. Techs On The Move are even able to help with a working holiday visa if you’d like!

The bottom line is, no matter what your experience as an automotive tradesperson is, we are specialists in your industry that can expertly relate what you do to the Australian Department of Home Affairs better than any other migration agent.


Curious to learn more about our migration services?
Click here: https://www.techsonthemove.co.uk/job-seekers/migration-services/


Who do we help?

We can keep this bit pretty short and sweet. The best HGV mechanic employers in Australia will always be keen to hear from mechanics that:

  • Can show a strong qualification in their trade in their home country (or enough on-the-job experience to show you’ve got what it takes)
  • Have at least 3 years of experience in their trade, and this can incorporate an apprenticeship
  • Have the drive to push their skills further, learn more and show others what they can do
  • Have clear communication skills in English
  • Are dedicated to establishing a fresh start in Australia
  • Are already or are working toward being financially prepared for relocation
  • Ideally have continued professional development beyond their apprenticeship, either through manufacturer training or independent formal courses



Where in Australia can I get a job?

Aussies love to brag about the size of our country, but many people have not truly grappled with the scale of this place! Did you know that our closest major cities are roughly the length of England apart? Or that Perth is much further from Sydney than London is from Moscow?


Countries That Fit Inside Australia

Countries That Fit Inside Australia


Despite that, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane as our 3 largest cities are home to almost half of our national population. Because of that, HGV mechanic Australia sponsorship opportunities do tend to be stacked toward these cities, and we can chat about what each of them might offer.


Having said that, we do often have other locations to consider as well, depending on your experience and training. Smaller areas such as Newcastle, Cairns, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth might all be possible, and that’s a primary benefit of the Candidate Pool we use for job seeking, as interest may come from all over the place.


Keen for more info?
Check this out: https://www.techsonthemove.co.uk/blog/i-know-i-want-a-mechanic-job-in-australia-but-where/


What are the salaries for HGV mechanic jobs in Australia?

This is probably the most common question we get asked!

It’s fair enough that it comes up so often before we get the chance to speak with technicians, as most use this as a starting point in ensuring that life on the other side of the world will be both possible and rewarding.

Answering this important question with any accuracy for mechanics and their families is pretty much impossible without knowing some important factors though. We’ll need to know:

  • What sort of experience do you have in your trade, how long have you been at it, and do you have any additional training beyond a base qualification?
  • Do you have your eye on a particular part of Australia? Just like the country you call home, pay for HGV mechanics can vary from one place to another
  • Do you have any ideas on the sort of business you’d like to work for if you make the jump?

Importantly, all of this needs to be weighed against the cost of living in Australia. It’s all well and good to know what you might earn here, but this needs to be matched against the cost of living in your desired location, which of course we can assist with too.

As a useful guide to get things started now, here’s 3 points to know about HGV salaries in Australia:

  1. Moving to Australia is all about lifestyle, not wealth. We’d love for truck and bus mechanics in Australia to earn more, but the reality is that as a first world nation (with the spoils to go with it), tradespeople shouldn’t be moving here expecting to get rich
  2. Despite the expense of life in Australia, the experiences of hundreds of mechanics we have helped relocate tell us that it’s very possible to excel financially here. Europeans considering life in Australia will be accustomed to the financial realities of our country, whilst those from South Africa and other markets might take a little while to get up to speed with Aussie dollars, but anyone who is well-prepared can make it in Australia
  3. There’s always more to earning in Australia than simply getting a salary. Many technicians will receive well-paid overtime opportunities, whilst others may also be part of bonus systems. Shift loading can of course also factor in. All will benefit from our national pension system called superannuation, an awesome program that prepares our workers for retirement better than the pension system of just about any other country: https://www.investopedia.com/articles/personal-finance/042914/top-pension-systems-world.asp



After more info?
Have a look at this: https://www.techsonthemove.co.uk/blog/mechanic-salary-australia/


Our 5 best things about living in Australia

There’s a lot of serious stuff on this page, so let’s unwind a bit by focusing on the positives:

  1. The sun, the warmth and the dry weather. It’s an obvious point, but you’ve got to love the Aussie climate and the quality of life it allows
  2. “She’ll be right mate” – Australian culture is notoriously easy-going, and we generally live up to the stereotype
  3. A nation of wonders. What’s the good of this killer weather if there aren’t world beating beaches, forests, water ways, mountains and some under-appreciated snow fields to enjoy?
  4. Safety and security. Our luck extends to a national society that is notably more stable, secure and safe than the vast majority of others on Earth
  5. Diversity. We may not be known for it but Australia is an increasingly diverse and multicultural place, and we’re only getting stronger because of it


4x4 On Beach In Australia

4×4 On Beach In Australia

The 3 hardest things about relocating to Australia

Unfortunately there’s always going to be some hard parts to moving to Australia as a HGV mechanic, and it’s best that we acknowledge them from the start:

  1. Moving from family and friends. This will always be the biggest challenge. It’s great that we now have Skype, FaceTime and Facebook to keep us in touch better, but this difficulty never quite goes away
  2. Home sickness. It doesn’t matter how excited you are to be in Australia, there will always be little things about life Down Under that reinforce the distance from home
  3. Making a new home for yourself. Making the call to leave your home for Australia means you’ll have to set up here from scratch one way or another, which can exciting but it means building up the little things that make a proper home, and that takes time


Want to hear from some real mechanics that have moved to Australia?

You’d expect us to say that life in Australia is awesome and that you should move, right? No need to trust us on this, check out what Shane and Sean have to say (the good and the bad) about their auto mechanic jobs in Australia:



How can I find out if I can apply for HGV mechanic jobs in Australia?

By registering with us, telling us a bit about your experience, and then hopefully chatting with us afterward – no fees, no obligation and no hassle! It’ll take 2 minutes right here, and you don’t even need a CV: https://www.techsonthemove.co.uk/job-seekers/register-with-us-candidate/


What about my tools?

This should probably not be the first question for a HGV mechanic, but it often is! Most Australian employers will expect their new technicians to arrive with a basic set of hand tools at least, and of course this is personal. It’s not often worth bringing heaps more stuff than this, as the courier fees can really ramp up, so our best advice is to try and keep it as simple as possible. This company is worth investigating for those in search of a quote: https://www.sendmybag.com

Truck and bus technicians tend to be at a disadvantage here as their stuff weighs more than the tools of a passenger car technician, and there’s often less storage built into their workshops, meaning the choice around tool boxes themselves is even harder to make. You might have to be strong and leave the big fancy box at home!


What HGV manufacturers are common in Australia?

It wasn’t that long ago that American manufacturers like Kenworth, Mack and Western Star dominated the truck and transport industry in Australia, and they are still certainly common place. However, the major European brands like Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Scania, DAF, MAN and Iveco have really picked up here in recent times. The same goes for other manufacturers like Hino, Fuso and UD.


What is my best visa option?

This is obviously a really important question, but it’s impossible to answer without having a lot more information to work with. This is a great example for why we place so much importance on video calls with those considering a move to Australia, as only by getting to know you, your long term plans, your circumstances and what you’re looking for out of Australia can we really give you something substantial to work with.

If you’re keen for some general overviews of visas common for HGV technicians relocating to Australia, this should be a good start:


482 TSS visa


417 working holiday visa


GSM 189 and 190 visas


Can I bring my family or partner?

Most visas certainly make this possible, assuming that your relationship meets the Australian government’s criteria. Stepping through this is part of our consultative process, and we always aim to make everything as easy to understand as possible. The simplest answer is that neither the government or Australian employers restrict genuine families or couples from coming to Australia.


What about accommodation?

The vast majority of technicians that find jobs with our assistance are also given some term of short accommodation by their employer when they first arrive, just to take the edge off. From there, there’s any number of options for finding longer term accommodation according to your needs, and we eagerly show some examples of these through the process of chatting about relocation.


And how about the cost of moving to Australia?

Sorry to bang on with the same unhelpful response, but we just can’t answer that one without building that plan for relocation first! Basic factors like the visa of choice, total number of people involved, and what you intend to bring are all going to be crucial to the outcome. Again, chatting with us is the key to useable answers.


Why does Techs On The Move charge HGV mechanics to enter the Candidate Pool?

We have never, and will never, charge our candidates a ‘placement fee’ or anything of the sort. The AUD $350 fee we charge only at the point that someone wishes to enter our Candidate Pool to find an Australian job isn’t a big source of profit for us either. Instead, we’ve found that this fee tends to help us focus our time (often at horrible hours in Australia on Skype so mechanics overseas are wide awake) on people who are taking our process seriously, and can be counted on to respond to us when we need to get in touch. Employers on this end also love to hear that our candidates have invested a small fee into finding a mechanic job in Australia.


How can I be sure Techs On The Move are legit?

It’s sad but true, finding online businesses you can trust is not easy these days. Hopefully it’s clear that we are one of them. Check our website, go back through our millions of social media posts, and most importantly run a search on our Migration Agents Registration Numbers:

Migration Agent Reg Number 1680033Migration Agent Reg Number 1466786

If all else fails, accept an invitation to a video call and see if we’re crooks – we can’t stick our hands in your wallet through an internet connection.


Can you explain superannuation to me?

This is a national pension system that must be supported by all Australian employers. No matter their employment, all people working in Australia are entitled to a further 9.5% of your salary on top of what they earn, which is paid into a specific high interest fund they can choose themselves as savings for retirement. That’s potentially hundreds of thousands of Australian dollars over the course of a tradesperson’s working life. Most Australian don’t make a big deal about it, and it’s rarely the focus of those looking to move here, but it probably should be!


Would you like to contact us?

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