How we work

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Candidate Process Infographic

Introducing the Candidate Pool

Check out this short video where our director, Gavin Stocks explains the process:

The Techs On The Move Candidate Pool is an innovative digital solution designed to give automotive tradespeople the best opportunity to find an ideal motor mechanic job in Australia, HGV mechanic job in Australia, or panel beater job in Australia. When the time is right, the Candidate Pool will put you in front of hundreds of Aussie businesses who are able to review your profile on demand, arrange an interview with you via a video call, and hopefully extend an offer of employment (and sponsorship as necessary).

The infographic above demonstrates this Pool from the employer’s perspective. We only work with the country’s premier employers and automotive groups, who subscribe to our Candidate Pool so they can be in touch with experienced and skilled technicians and tradespeople from abroad. They can then be in touch with our candidates as they please, giving you the broadest possible options when considering a move Down Under.

How do we get to that point?

It all starts with a friendly consultation with one of our experienced team members. No one expects you to blindly sign up and jump on a plane to Australia – we appreciate how challenging and daunting such a move is, and we’ve learned a lot from helping hundreds of automotive tradespeople through this process. An initial video call with us is a great chance to ask your most pressing questions, get some personalised information so you’re not relying on online research, and to understand the next steps. Importantly, initial consultation is free and carries no obligation– we believe it’s critical to understand the basics of what moving to Australia looks like for you, and we don’t think it’s fair to be charged for this advice.

Over the course of at least two more video calls, supporting emails and access to our video library, the goal is to form a plan for what relocation to Australia means for you (and perhaps your family). We’ll discuss all the essentials, including:

  • Location and the different costs of living across Australia
  • Projected salary, bonus and overtime pay, and budgeting
  • Accommodation when you arrive
  • Health care arrangements
  • Shipping tools and other personal items
  • Visa options, both at first and in the future

Once you understand what’s on offer and what to expect from there, a one-off AUD $350 fee is due that can be securely paid online. With this work done, you’ll then be loaded into the Candidate Pool and presented to Australia’s most desirable automotive employers, and we’ll include a short video interview conducted with one of our consultants in your profile to increase the strength of your candidacy.

We’ll be there along the way to assist in understanding the specifics of an Aussie job contract and to guide you on the competitiveness of salary offers. As Registered Migration Agents, we’ll also very likely be handling your visa application if sponsorship is required, and we’ll remain a point of call even once you’re here in Australia, as staying in touch and assisting where we can remains really important to us after you’ve landed.