Who are we?

Gavin Stocks, Director

The founder and Director of Techs On The Move, Gavin built the business from personal experience. Emigrating to Australia in 1998 as an ambitious BMW technician, it wasn’t long before he realised he’d found a new home. He fell in love with the sun and the warmth, the relaxed lifestyle, and the opportunities for advancement. Gavin started a family, climbed the ranks, and seized his new life with both hands.

It soon became clear to him though that he wasn’t the only one hungry for the Aussie dream. Through Gavin’s experience in management roles within BMW Group Australia, he realised that automotive businesses everywhere were also crying out for experienced foreign technicians. Inspired by his passion for Australia, he made it his mission to bring these two together; 8 years later, Techs On The Move has helped hundreds of technicians and their families from all over the world make it Down Under.

Now a registered migration agent and automotive consultant, Gavin loves what he does and remains as proud of Techs On The Move now as the day it began.

Nat Richards, Relocation Consultant and Sales Manager

Nat joined Techs On The Move inspired by the opportunity to make a positive impact in people’s lives by helping them to come and live and work in one of the world’s best countries – Australia!

Nat has a raft of professional experience across different roles and industries, always having looked for new challenges in construction, retail, and technical service. He’s a passionate and strong willed guy with an eye for detail, loves a good laugh, and will always go the extra mile to see something through. He also holds an Honors degree in Modern History and International Affairs, and had the good sense to stop short of completing a PhD before going completely nuts.

Instead, he’s honed a keen dedication to successfully putting automotive technicians in touch with Australia’s most desirable employers. Nat is based in Tech On The Move’s office in Sydney, where he has lived his entire life.

Ana Gomez, Registered Migration Agent

Originally from Colombia, Ana long dreamed of living in exotic and exciting places all over the world. She imagined a life in Europe, seeking out adventure and sophistication. To this day she’s still not sure how it happened, but instead she ended up in a mining town in the middle of Queensland, Australia, surrounded by red dirt and not much else – not exactly what she had in mind!

Ana eventually made her way to Sydney and discovered her passion for migration. Despite it not being the stuff of her childhood fantasies, Ana soon fell in love with Australia’s open spaces, its natural beauty, the country’s stability and the opportunities it presents, and the ‘Aussie’ culture that had embraced her. She realised how fulfilling it could be to help others come to Australia and enjoy these things for themselves, and Ana remains inspired by this with hundreds of successful visas under her belt.

Now a proud Australian citizen herself, Ana’s dedication to accuracy and attention to detail is fearsome. She may be quiet and she keeps a low profile within our team, but Ana is the motor driving Techs On The Move forward!

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