There is a real shortage of qualified automotive tradesmen here in Australia and therefore numerous opportunities for qualified motor mechanics from all over the world. Naturally we get applications from many countries but applications from South Africa are of particular interest to us and our employers mainly due to the automotive education and the skill sets brought to the country by past migrants. Watch the video below from Senior Consultant Nat Richards who explains things a bit more…



Techs On The Move is a Sydney-based business dedicated to helping skilled automotive tradespeople from overseas to find jobs in Australia. We are also registered migration agents, so we can also arrange the best visa to suit these tradespeople along the way. We have been doing this for over 10 years, and have successfully assisted many South Africans to change their lives and settle in our fantastic country.

We are not normal recruiters though, waiting for a job opportunity to be advertised and hoping to fill it as quickly as possible. Instead, we help interested people with the right skills to first understand what coming to Australia will be like for them, and then we go out and find a job to suit. This means that qualified mechanics (and their families) can get all the answers they need to decide if Australia might work for them before committing to finding the right route into the country. This also means that, unlike working with a migration-only service, we can help people achieve any visa that suits them, including those that require sponsorship.

There are no fees or obligations to register your interest with us, or to get into some video consultation where all your questions will be answered. Only once you understand a plan that can work for you, and how it might be achieved, will you be charged a one-off fee to start the job seeking process – AUD $350, or around R3500. There are no hidden fees, no catches and no scams; we work with automotive tradespeople from all over the world in exactly the same way, but we appreciate that South Africans are wary of offers that aren’t what they seem. We invite you to interrogate us until you’re confident we are legit!

If you’re keen to know more we ask only that you register with us and leave a few basic details by hitting the ‘arrange a chat’ button on this page, or by clicking here: