See why more employers are using Techs On The Move

Introducing the Techs On The Move Candidate Pool – the most efficient way to source experienced technicians for Australian automotive employers

Since our foundation in 2010, Techs On The Move has placed experienced technicians from overseas with Australia’s most desirable automotive employers. Our technicians are highly skilled, have great communication skills, and are ready to make a difference as soon as they arrive, as we focus on international markets where the standard of training most closely matches our own. We screen and prepare our candidates to be sure they understand what it takes to succeed in Australia, as we know our clients are looking to build service teams where results and culture are important.

None of this has changed, but with the introduction of our Candidate Pool, we’ve made it simpler and more cost effective for our clients to staff their workshops through Techs On The Move. We’ve also opened some additional services that will make the tricky task of migration easier on all fronts for our clients.

What is the Candidate Pool?

The Techs On The Move Candidate Pool is our proprietary digital solution to present all of the candidates we have to our clients on demand, ready to contact and hire directly.

By subscribing and logging in, registered clients will be able to view short, high quality video interviews of our vetted and prepared candidates, whether they be from overseas or they are already in Australia. Candidates in the Candidate Pool can be searched and organised within a user’s profile by their brands of experience, their location, and other important characteristics. Candidates can be shortlisted and contacted directly, with no need for any formal introduction through Techs On The Move. Desired candidates can be sent a contract directly, with personalised and competitively priced migration services available as necessary.

How does this work?

  • There are no big recruitment fees or on-going guarantees, as we are not recruiters. Once a client subscribes to the Candidate Pool on a 12 month basis, there are no limits to how many candidates are contacted or hired through the Pool. This service means our clients can review a sampling of qualified and migration-ready candidates for an investment similar to using popular domestic candidate seeking platforms.
  • Subscriptions can also be spread across a dealer group with multiple user names per subscription if desired, rewarding businesses that can scale their investment and amortise this cost
  • There’s a one-off fulfilment fee for removing a suitable candidate from the Pool through an exchange of contract, and engagement of our migration services as needed will be rewarded with lower fulfilment fees. Either way it’s a small portion of the traditional recruitment fees we’ve done away with
  • Subscribers to the Candidate Pool have access to all of the candidates Techs On The Move has vetted and prepared for participation at any one time, putting scores of qualified technicians at their fingertips – no time wasters, no pretenders. This will include international candidates that do not require sponsorship when hired, such as those on working holiday visas or permanent residency visas
  • Despite the introduction of the Skilling Australia Fund levy, sourcing international technicians through Techs On The Move need not be dramatically more expensive than it was beforehand

Additional services

As Registered Migration Agents with a focus specifically on automotive migration, Techs On The Move has always been prepared to handle the migration needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on getting the right result the first time, with the least hassle possible. We’d love to talk more about how we can assist any automotive business that requires migration services, no matter our connection to the related employee – we’re tailored, automotive focused and price competitive.

Because we aim to make automotive migration easy, subscribers to the Casting Pool will be invited to consult with us on all migration matters free of charge. By phone or by email, our Registered Migration Agents will be available during business hours to answer all migration questions, no matter whom they relate to.

We’re still hands-on

We come from automotive, and it’s all we do. Techs On The Move has been built on the premise that to serve our clients best, we need to work closely with them, understand their businesses, and be responsive to their needs. The introduction of our Candidate Pool doesn’t alter this at all.