Winter in Australia (yes, we have one… sort of…)

Winter in Australia

The vast majority of technicians looking for automotive jobs in Australia that we are in contact with have one thing in common – they all want for the sort of long, warm and sunny days the land Down Under is renowned for. And that’s fair too, as few beat the Aussie lifestyle that is allowed by our stellar climate, and the naturally beautiful areas we are fortunate enough to live in.

However, not much gets said of the Aussie winter and few people think much about it when considering relocation. As Australians enter the middle of our winter, and those in the northern hemisphere enjoy the summer, we thought we’d lay down a little seasonal knowledge.

  • First things first, an Australian winter is a very different experience to a UK, Irish or European winter. Unless you’re purposefully in our very small and remote alpine region on the New South Wales and Victoria border, snow is just about unheard of and sleet and ice is a rarity. There’ll be no wadding though the muck to check the mail, and no snowed-in days.
  • Winter time in most parts of Australia is not much more wet than any other time of year, so even if it’s cold you’re unlikely to be stuck inside watching the drizzle.
  • Our winter day light hours are still quite long, with the sun always up by around 7am, and not going down until about 5pm, so there’s plenty of time to get things done and still enjoy yourself without feeling like it’s the middle of the night.
  • The winter sun is still bright and warm, to the extent that you’ll still be more comfortable outside in glasses, and there won’t be much need to layer up if you’re out and about.

This stuff might be good to know too:

  • It can still get a bit cold here in the depths of winter, but those from the northern hemisphere often notice this of indoor spaces more than anything else, as we don’t insulate and heat our homes to the same degree – Aussie homes are built for getting rid of heat, not keeping it. Throw another layer on or crank the heater for a couple of months though, and you’ll be back to the warmer time of year before you know it.
  • Australians often still embrace British and European winter traditions, like a good round of trivia or darts at the pub, or a Sunday afternoon roast. There’ll be plenty of football going on too, whether it be real football (often referred to as soccer by uncultured locals), or our football (rugby league or Australian rules).
  • Melbourne often gets slighted as being “too much like [insert current UK address here],” but that undervalues how different the Aussie winter really is, as you can see here. Beyond this, we’re also talking daily highs in the mid-teens through July and August, which are our coldest months, but it’s important also to remember that come summer time this might just be a good thing. Don’t want to boil in a brutal Australian summer? Melbourne might be just the place.