This is a very common question people the world over ask themselves when considering a move to Australia – when is the best time to do it? It’s such a massive step to take, and with so much at stake it’s very understandable that you’d want to weigh up a few factors before taking the plunge to ensure that you’re giving yourself the best chance to succeed. Here’s a shortlist to get you thinking:

  • You’ll need to be at a stage where you can invest in coming to Australia. That’s right, think of migration as an investment – do you have the funds necessary to secure a visa, fly in and bring some tools with you, and then set yourself (and perhaps your family) up in a new country? This isn’t a cheap process, and those that commit to it are definitely investing in what they have decided will be a better future
  • You’ll need to be a qualified (or highly experienced) automotive tradesperson in your home country, but what about additional experience or training that may put you in better shape to secure the best possible role in Australia? This might mean pushing to gain higher manufacturer training, gaining electric vehicle or hybrid technician accreditation, or working with a business that allows you to build better skills
  • It’s a bit ironic, but the visa pathway to Australia is much easier as a tradesperson than it is for someone who isn’t on the tools anymore. If you’re climbing the ladder toward supervisory or managerial roles, be mindful that this progress might actually make it harder to get the Australian visa you need
  • There’s some truth to the observation that coming to Australia is often a bit easier for technicians that have not yet started a family – migrating with kids brings additional stresses not just on finances and the practicalities of the move, but also the emotional stress of leaving loved ones in your home country. If moving to Australia has been on your mind for a while and you’ve not yet had kids, it may well be easier to act sooner rather than later
  • For those that do have kids you’ll no doubt face a few more challenges than those without, but the rewards are pretty huge too! An easier transition for kids is often possible by trying to align with their school cycle, and remember that the Aussie school year starts in late January. From experience, it’s also often easier to bring kids before they hit their teenage years, as are they more likely to hate the idea of leaving friends at that stage. The extra time before they leave school in Australia also means you’re more likely to have achieved permanent residency before they may wish to go to university, which will be a major financial benefit
  • A light-hearted one to finish – consider planning your arrival during the Australian spring, as that way you’ll get the instant reward of beautiful Aussie weather to step off a plane to, and it won’t yet be really hot!

Ultimately of course everyone’s path is very different, and our consultants have worked with hundreds of technicians and their families in planning the best possible transition to Australia. Why not register with us so we can arrange a free chat to discuss your circumstances?