How Can I Use My Skills to Find Work in Australia?

how can I use my skills

The purpose of this post is to outline where the shortages are at their greatest, and what key skills employers are searching for if you’re a skilled highly skilled technician considering migrating to Australia.

It seems that the shortages are at their most acute where the technology is most advanced, such as high-end European manufacturers who frequently pioneer such technologies. Additionally, these brands are enjoying rapid growth in the Australian marketplace, where previously they were represented in relatively small volumes.

In sourcing highly skilled tradespersons there are some basic criteria fundamental to a successful migration.

Firstly, language; while being able to diagnose vehicle systems is critical, it is essential that technicians can communicate effectively in English, so that they can accurately understand the symptom of the complaint, and therefore embark on the right path in their diagnosis.

Secondly, standards of technical training vary considerably throughout the world. Australia is fortunate, in that our standards are some of the highest in the world which means that Australian employers demand a level of training equal to that which they are accustomed. Although most manufacturers now realise the importance of standardising their training programmes globally to ensure consistency, there are still huge variances to be found. In the meantime, employers seek candidates whose training is from businesses whose standards they rate highly.

When considering migrating to Australia, these factors need to be recognised and displayed when you send your application.

Techs On The Move’s sole purpose is finding highly experienced automotive tradespeople with experience and training at the highest level from other international markets. We don’t recruit locally, as we’re actively working to combat Australia’s skills shortages while assisting motivated individuals who are keen to experience working in Australia.

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