Recapping our first Facebook Live session

Techs On The Move held our first Facebook Live session June 3 2018, and we were overwhelmed by the response – especially considering that we thought no one would show up! People from all over tuned in, with loads of them asking some great questions of Nat and Gavin. It was awesome to get the chance to engage with so many people, and to share so much information about what migration to Australia is all about with Techs On The Move.

Nat has prepared this short video (with subtitles available) to recap the session, as the whole thing ran for almost an hour.

In this video, Nat selects 5 great questions we were asked that relate to anyone looking for motor mechanic jobs in Australia, or for HGV mechanic jobs in Australia. With some very brief answers provided, these questions were:


1. Who is the most desirable techs?

It’s fair to say that we tend to focus on techs with European experience the most, but to be honest the need for good technicians across all manufacturers is huge, so we’re open to hearing from anyone that’s good at what they do. This extends of course to people with independent experience, as well as panel beaters and vehicle painters.


2. Do you deal with HGV (truck and bus) techs?

Yes, absolutely! There’s nowhere near enough HGV techs in Australia, and there’s tons of opportunities available for anyone with the right skills and experience.


3. Do retailers support manufacturer training in Australia?

For sure. Aussie businesses struggle to find enough techs with the right experience, so training is always on the agenda for someone with the right commitment and attitude. A move to Australia certainly doesn’t mean your career development stops.


4. What’s the average costs of coming to Australia?

We’d love to have a simple answer here, but it’s just not that easy, as everyone’s circumstances are different. Where do you want to live? What visa do you want or need? Coming alone or with a family? The list goes on. The good news is that consultation with us is free and comes without obligation, so by all means register with us and schedule a time to talk so we can get specific with some friendly advice.


5. How do I get more info about jobs?

Again, there’s no simple answer here as we don’t have a list of available jobs to pick from, as that’s not realistic for international migration. Instead, we want to consult with you on what will suit you best, and then help you find the best job rather than just any job. There’s a big difference!

Be sure to keep your eye out for more Facebook Live sessions, we’ll be rolling them out regularly.