Are you curious to know more about gaining Australian permanent residency, whether you are already in Australia or not? If so, chances are you’ve looked into the 189 or 190 General Skilled Migration visas, but they’re not exactly the easiest thing to understand! If you’ve got 10 minutes, our head consultant Nat steps you through everything you need to know in the video on this page, covering:

  • The points system for these visas
  • Expression of Interest (EOI) vs application
  • Costs
  • Benefits

Even though many people think of us as the business to go to when you’re looking for a job in Australia, we’re also registered migration agents that specialise only in the automotive industry. We’re experts in representing your experience to the Australian government for the best possible result.

If you get through this and would like to know more, you’re welcome to either email Nat directly on [email protected] or you could register with us here if you’d like to fast-track your way to direct consultation click here