The Australian government has a department devoted to migration called the Department of Home Affairs, or DHA for short. The DHA is responsible for processing all the visa applications people from around the world lodge to come to Australia, no matter whether it’s a simple tourist visa, a skilled working visa or a permanent residency visa. When it comes to skilled visas, they maintain a list of occupations they have decided are in short supply in the country already, and if your occupation is on that list you may be able to lodge a visa application.

Why Do Aussie Employers Hire Foreigners?

The whole idea with this of course is that when it comes to skilled visas, the DHA knows that in certain industries or jobs Australian businesses can’t find enough skilled people to keep up with demand. The automotive sector is a good example of this skills shortage, as motor and diesel mechanics have long been able to apply for great visas, as can panel beaters, auto electricians and motorcycle technicians. Lots of Aussie managers have realised that finding enough locals to fill these roles is not a realistic approach to meet their long term goals, and so they use the government’s migration system to hire foreigners to help build their businesses.

Motor mechanic jobs for foreigners in Australia, as well as jobs for other automotive tradespeople, are quite common but it’s not like you can easily stumble into one online too often! Techs On The Move has decades worth of industry knowledge and contacts to help put technicians overseas looking for a life in Australia on the right track, and as we’re also Registered Migration Agents, we can help at every step of the visa process too.

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What Countries Do Foreign Motor Mechanics and Automotive Tradespeople Migrate to Australia From?

DHA statistics tell us that hundreds of automotive workers migrate successfully to Australia every year across a range of visas. They come from countries all over the world, with the highest growth in recent years coming from technicians from the Philippines and other parts of south east Asia.

Techs On The Move has always been dedicated to helping automotive tradespeople from a few key countries where people are often well trained, have experience in markets similar to Australia’s, and ideally have strong English language skills too. Being originally from Britain, our founder Gavin Stocks has built Techs On The Move on assisting technicians from the United Kingdom and Ireland; however, we also frequently work with people from western Europe, South Africa, Canada and Sri Lanka. We happily engage with technicians from all parts of the world, though these countries are at the core of what we do.

Ultimately, more important than where someone comes from is their eagerness to consult with us to prepare for what the challenge of relocation will mean for them (and any family they might bring).

Mechanic Jobs in Australia for Foreigners

Skills That Aussie Employers Are Looking For

As the technology of our vehicles continues to evolve and get more sophisticated, we find our clients are offering motor mechanic jobs for foreigners who can work with diagnostic and electrical problems; thet must also be able to work well as part of a team to deliver great customer service and go the extra mile to push their productivity results.

These needs are felt most in European manufacturer workshops, where complex repairs and expert skills are needed more often. Even in the workshops of other manufacturers though, managers love having techs who aren’t afraid to work methodically and creatively to solve problems and get the right results. The bottom line is that Aussie employers are always thinking about mechanics wanted down under if they are leading their trade and want to push themselves.

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