Are you dreaming of a better lifestyle and looking for diesel mechanic jobs in Australia? We’re glad to hear it, because the land down under is always in need of experienced and capable HGV mechanics. A country as huge as this depends on road transport to keep things running more than most, and with construction investment continuing in many areas, our workshop managers often struggle to find enough suitable candidates for the diesel mechanic jobs they have available. If you’re thinking of relocating for diesel mechanic jobs abroad then, this might be the ideal opportunity for you.

What does Techs On The Move do?

Techs On The Move is an automotive industry-specific business dedicated to preparing interested mechanics for what a life in Australia might be like, then helping them find the right job to make it all happen. We don’t work with any fixed timeframes, and we’re there to help along the way for things like accommodation, opening bank accounts and tax papers. You can even find general useful information on our blog such as what family life is like in Australia for automotive technicians. Importantly, we specialise in arranging diesel mechanic jobs in Australia with sponsorship visas, as we are Registered Migration Agents, though we also assist our clients to gain permanent residency visas.

We rely on consultation phone or video calls to answer mechanic’s questions and give them personalised advice. By speaking directly with technicians, we are able to accurately discuss things like diesel mechanic salary in Australia, what visa might suit best, or how someone’s qualifications stack up overseas. We do this because just googling ‘diesel mechanic jobs salary in Australia’ or ‘how much do diesel mechanics make in Australia’ will give some answers, but they won’t be specific to your situation, and they won’t help you understand the cost of living here either. We also know that jobs online for mechanics needed in mining areas can show some high paying mechanic jobs in Australia, but these roles are very specific, are often in remote and very challenging areas, and aren’t often available to people because of the restrictions of the visa system. We want to make sure people get the bigger picture – check this video about Salaries in Australia for HGV Technicians:

Diesel Mechanic Jobs in Australia

Where are the Heavy Diesel Mechanic Jobs in Australia?

Techs On The Move maintain close relationships with truck and bus dealers and workshops across the country. Australia is huge and therefore our clients are spread all over the place. If you’re thinking about a future in Sydney, Melbourne or Queensland we have you covered. We also have connections in Perth / Western Australia and in South Australia. We even have clients in Tasmania! No matter where you have in mind, our clients know that when they can’t find the right people locally for their heavy diesel mechanic jobs across Australia it’s time to consider people seeking diesel mechanic jobs overseas.

What Experience is Needed to Apply?

As Australia’s skills shortages are widespread, there’s room for diesel mechanics from all sorts of backgrounds. As long as you have at least 3 years of experience in the job (which can include time served in an apprenticeship), a national qualification in your trade (or significant relevant experience), a strong desire to make it overseas and the drive to make a difference in an Aussie workshop, chances are you’re perfect for sponsored diesel mechanic jobs in Australia or for a permanent residency visa.

This sounds great, what do I do now?

We’re here to help no matter what stage of this process you’re at.

If you’re ready to register with us to get some basic info and hopefully arrange a call soon with a consultant, it’s all free and takes 2 minutes with no documents required right here:

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