Curious about relocating to Australia, but unsure what to expect?

Perhaps you’ve known other technicians that have come to Australia before and heard good things, or you’ve been inspired to check the idea out by online advertisements or TV shows. No matter what’s driven you here, we understand that even researching the prospect of moving to Australia is daunting. After successfully helping hundreds of technicians (and their families) make it to Australia, we know it helps to break everything down into smaller pieces, and hopefully this can be a starting point for you – even if it takes a long time to commit to coming Down Under.

curious about relocating to australia, but unsure what to expect?

What sort of people do we help?

Techs On The Move caters specifically to automotive technicians and tradespeople, as we came from this industry ourselves, and Australia is desperately in need of skilled workers in all areas of the auto trade. You could be a motor mechanic, diesel mechanic, auto electrician, panel beater or vehicle painter – if you’ve got qualifications and experience, we want to hear from you if you’re thinking about coming to Australia. It doesn’t matter if you’ve worked with cars or trucks, or whether you have mostly dealer or independent experience, as the national shortages of skilled tradespeople are critical and there’s lots of opportunities.


What can we do for you?

Techs On The Move provides different services at different stages of the journey of relocating to Australia:

  • Consultation. Through video calls across the time zone difference, our consultation experts will answer your questions about Australia, give you plenty of additional info that is specific to you (and perhaps your family), and help you understand what a life in Australia might be like if you choose to proceed
  • Job/sponsorship seeking. Finding a position in Australia yourself can be really difficult. Online jobs boards make it possible to contact Aussie employers, but how do you know if they can actually hire you, what costs are involved, and if businesses online are even in suitable areas? Techs On The Move doesn’t want to help you find just any job, we want to help you get the best job. Our Australia-wide client list is made up of diverse businesses both big and small that are seeking skilled tradespeople from overseas, and we can put you in touch with the ones that suit you best
  • Migration assistance. We are also Registered Migration Agents, so we’re on top of changing laws and bound by an Australian Code of Conduct, which means no funny business! Whether you just need friendly advice, or help with a visa application, we’re dedicated to the migration needs of automotive tradesman
  • Keeping in touch. If you make it to Australia, we keep in touch. We’ll check in to be sure things are going smoothly, and if there’s something that isn’t, we’d love to help get everything on track. Our techs are important to us long after they’ve landed


What happens first?

We bang on about it, but once you have registered with us the first step is usually to arrange a consultation with us. We’d love it if there were simple answers to people’s questions, but as everyone is different, the chance to chat lets us give the sort of advice that is accurate and useful, instead of generic and overly basic. There’s no fees or commitments to arranging a chat, just an offer of friendly support – it’s not like talking to a lawyer where you’re charged by the minute! If you’re interested in the Australia idea, you’ve got nothing to lose by reaching out.


So go on then…

If you like the sound of what we do, please hit the Arrange a Chat button below and tell us a bit about yourself. We’ll be in touch soon after with some basic info and an invitation to talk at a time that suits you.