Technicians considering a move to Australia usually start with a pretty basic question – can I get a job there? Understandably, they then often follow their noses to online jobs broads to see what’s available on the open market. It’s a natural impulse that can provide a basic feel for the job market, and if we were in that position we’d probably start here too.

What happens next is nearly always a bit disappointing though. An Aussie business may well be advertising for a tradesperson with the sort of skills and experience that a technician overseas can bring to the table, so they go ahead and apply. But from there, it’s often a deafening silence to follow, or even worse a ‘thanks but no thanks’ email. That can be pretty soul destroying when you’re dreaming of an exciting new opportunity in Australia, and some take this as a sign that it’s just too hard.

How could this be though if the skills and experience are right?

If you’ve had this happen, don’t take it personally! There’s several reasons why seeking a job in Australia from abroad doesn’t work well through online jobs boards, and it may have nothing to do with you. Learn more about this with Nat in our short video:

The good news though is that we’re here to help, as our business is built around joining the dots between your interest in coming Down Under and the right employer here to make it all happen. We don’t force people into predetermined roles, and we don’t have a set expectation on arrival in Australia. It all starts with friendly consultation that costs nothing. If you’d like to learn more check this out:

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