Chatting to technicians (and often their families) from all over the world, we know that plenty of people understand the great things on offer in the Australian lifestyle – sun, blue skies, epic beaches, national parks, etc. When contemplating a move though, people quickly get past that stuff to the practicalities of relocation, and that usually centres on one big question – where will we live?!

First of all, we should note that we always encourage employers in our Candidate Pool to consider providing a week or more of basic accommodation for all people relocating here from overseas, as it can be a great way to take the heat off the move initially. It’s not much, but it helps on day 1 in a new country to have this taken care of.

However, with or without this assistance you’ll obviously need to sort out something more lasting. The tools to do this are probably much the same as you’d use if you were looking to move homes in your current location, and of course it’s all online these days. That also means you can check out some options now if you’re curious!

If you’re thinking a rental property would be ideal, whether it be an apartment in a city or a house in the suburbs, is the place to look. A helpful tip: browse by budget, with most techs likely looking for something worth no more than AUD $550 per week, and maybe much less depending on location.

If you’re coming alone, or perhaps you’re a couple looking to keep the bills as light as possible, living with others can be a great option and there’s no better place to look than for this. Sharing means you’ll likely end up making new friends quickly too, and your roomies will make excellent local area guides. It’s also important for solo techs to have someone to share their experiences with – the good and the bad.

Jumping straight into a lease or agreement off the plane is impossible though, and that’s where we think is an awesome service. For roughly the price of rent, you’ll be able to get a short term stay in a convenient location near work with all the little things a hotel doesn’t often allow, like a proper kitchen and laundry. If you’re not familiar with Airbnb, their website is definitely worth checking out.

Once you start breaking it down, hopefully it’s not as scary as it seems!

Extra tips:

  • As Australian businesses most often pay employees on a weekly basis, you’ll find rent is usually paid weekly too
  • Rental bonds are usually 1 month worth of payments
  • Those looking for share accommodation should consider searching for furnished options to remove some hassle, especially to start with
  • It’s easy to express interest in a property or room before arriving, but no one is likely to take things too seriously until you have an approved visa and a due date, and rental applications cannot be made until you’re in the country
  • Prefer to buy? There’s nothing stopping you if the finance can be arranged, but until you’re an Australian permanent resident (PR), you’ll be asked to pay a foreign real estate investor tax, which is almost certainly enough to push this idea until PR is achieved

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